Nephophile 11, 2020
Far More Reach, 2020
Islands, 2019
Based on photos you liked, 2018
Collaboration with Samir El Kordy. Part of They are Impersonal, yet Habitation is
Augmented by the Pressures of Their Indifference, Gypsum Gallery, Cairo, 2019
Persistent, Deceptive And Completely Contemporary, Fost, Singapore, 2018
The Wall Book_IMG_8354.jpg
The Wall Book_IMG_8348.jpg
The Wall Book_IMG_8339.jpg
The Wall Book_IMG_8353 copy.jpg
If Not For That Wall, book, Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, 2018
Fragility and Repetition, publication, Amsterdam, 2017
Chronic – On Psychological Exhaustion As A Public State, Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, 2016
Act On Rough Estimates #01, publication, 2017
Portals, Loopholes and Other Transgressions, Singapore, 2016
Evasive Routes, CIC, Cairo, 2016
Fabricated Urbanities, 2016
Identity for Contemporary Image Collective, 2018
Accessing The Archive, a series of workshops, 2015-present
When The Whites Of The Eyes Are Red + Excerpts From The Book Of Sleep by Haytham el-Wardany, Publication, CCS Bard and Hessel Museum of Art, New York, 2017
All The Things I Have Never Seen, New York, 2018
Greetings To Those Who Asked About me, Cairo, 2015
Collaboration on Proposal For A House Museum Of An Unknown Crying Man, Istanbul Biennial, 2017
Townhouse Gallery 15th Anniversary, Cairo, 2014
Posters produced as part of a visual research for 2065 BC, a performance held in Berlin at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, 2015
TransDance Festival, Cairo, 2015
Still from Act On Rough Estimates #02, video, 2017
Assembled In Streams Of Synonyms, animation, 2015
Assembled In Streams Of Synonyms, Sharjah Art Gallery, 2015
Imagined Life In A Museum Vitrine, CIC, Cairo. 2017
Perfectly Fine Birds, publication, 2017
Cimatheque + Ahmad Aiyad
Circumnavigation, publication produced with Cimatheque, 2015
Act On Rough Estimates #03, installation shot, video, 2017
Work for We Are The Margins, New York, 2016
Interruption, Townhouse, Cairo, 2014
A Guest Without A Host Is A Ghost, Beirut/Kadist, Cairo, 2014