Ahmad Aiyad is a designer and researcher from Cairo. He is the founder of Tycho, a design practice that combines a conceptual and strategic approach with progressive modes of visual communication to directly engage with art, society, and culture.


Aiyad is concerned with finding open relationships between contemporary art and design. His current projects focus on the criticality of contemporary visual culture, memory, and the psychological implications of political, technological and ecological interactions. His collaborators range from museums, universities, art institutions, and architecture firms, to publishers, researchers, and artists. He is a founding member of Moshtarak, a Cairo-based design collective and he conducts an on-going series of collaborative workshops investigating the accessibility of visual archives in various international cities.


Aiyad is also involved in initiatives concerned with personal liberties and social change. He is a member of the Global Design Forum, and the World Economic Forum. Aiyad studied at OCAD University, Toronto and Sandberg Instituut - Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.